40GB for $55 per month: Time Warner bandwidth caps arrive

Time Warner Cable will begin imposing bandwidth caps on consumers in Beaumont, Texas this week as part of a trial program. Consumers who exceed the bandwidth caps will pay $1 for every additional gigabyte consumed.
This should be a call to arms for the internet users. The customers of Time Warner should change their ISP to anyone that does not have a usage cap. I have seen comments made by people in other countries suchas Austrailia that they have usage caps and whats the big deal. The excuse for this cap is to make the users of more data pay for that data, as if there is a limited amount of it. We already have a tiered payment system based on the speed of our connection, the faster the download the more you pay. I don’t think we need a mystical billing system.

I am not against the ISP making a living and having the funds to maintain and improve their network. I just don’t think they need to gouge by inventing limits to what is already a limited connection. One of the excuses for this is the untility model, the problem is that the utility model would have you ISP charging a small connection fee and then some reasonable amount per gb for data use. But they don’t pay for the data you use and they don’t pay for data that comes in to their network, they pay for a certain speed connection, like you are now, and if it is maxed out then that is all you get.

Another excuse for this is that the high use users are making it hard for the average user to get data. I have yet to download anything at the peak speed I pay for and I doubt that their is anyone on my ISP that is serving up more than they pay for. This cap plan is just about gouging more money than would be fair.

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