Google documets, save your money for me.

Google documents has been growing. It seems that Google documents has been making big changes. the interface is cleaner and has more options. I checked the settings and found that I can post to this blog from google docs. much like windows live write can. The major difference being that the document is on a web server and available from any where.

I would make the case that all students should get a google account and use documents as their word processor of choice, except for the classes that require you to learn word commands. For writing and other not program specific tasks Google documents has what you need.

A small but adequate selection of fonts with various sizes, bold, underline and italic. The fonts can be colored.

  • Bullets and justified text are also available. You can even inset a link or email.

There is automatic backup of your work and the ability to email, share or post to blogs.

Overall, if you have need to write but don’t need a $400 program to do it then give Google documents a try.

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