A better way to share

As you may have seen in a previous post, I am looking at methods of posting to multiple networks at one time. This is an obvious need when trying to connect with a broad audience who use different social networks.

I found a web based service called Composer.io. It will allow you to setup API connections with many social networks.  Unfortunately it will not post to gPlus. It did however work just fine posting to Facebook, Twitter and my blog here. My blog software, wordpress self hosted, had a method of posting to gPlus. It posted a few too many copies though so I will stick with the current method, WordPress Jetpack Publicize. I’ll be using it to share this post for comparison.

I think it is important that if you plan sharing in multiple network you have a way to write once and post to many. This make the task far less tedious and increases the amount of people you can get to in a minimum of time. This post will be shared via the Jetpack plugin that is free from WordPress. You can also do  this with the free version at wordpress.com, in the sharing section of manage my blog. WordPress currently can post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Path.

What service or app do you use to share your thought with the world?

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