A Fire in the forest.

Yes I bought a kindle fire, just a couple weeks before the nexus 7 was announced. The nexus 7 does not access the media market I use, Amazon. I wanted to access my vidoe library and play it on teh device without breaking out the laptop. I also want ot access the books, music and document feature that Amazon has built into their infosystem.

The nexus 7 is the first device that Google has made to compete in this way, locking the user into the Google info-system. It won’t stop me from getting one at some point , just later. Being locked into an info-system in not necessarily a problem. It allows the creator to streamline the experience and provide a better integration of that system into one portal. It started with the proprietary system of times before and was resurrected by apple in the iPad. Most of us will choose just one or two info-systems to work with, much like choosing a store or manufacturer.

The most importent part of these 7 inch screens is that they are an additional device to your information pallete. To clarify, think of the days when all extra informaition came in books and printed reports. You would have the group of books and reports around you, referencing them next to each other to clarify what you needed to know. A radio, TV or other player going for a background.

While I write this on my iPad in the parked car, I have an episode of TWIT Know How playing on the car radio, from my phone. I have documents on my kindle and kindle fire that I could reference if needed. If I need something from the internet I can just use my iPhone to access it.

As we move toward electronic storage of information we will need to have multiple devices to read the documents while working on the paper, report, spreadsheet or presentation at hand.

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