What the heck does twidget mean anyway.

Well now, what the heck is a twidget anyway.

A Twidget is a navy term. If you work on electronic equipment you are a Twidget. I spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy as a Data System Tech, a rate that is no more. I was given schooling on electronics and then computer basics. When I went through the DS school at Mare Island, Vallejo Ca., we learned to troubleshoot the equipment to the bad gate. Now a days you troubleshoot to the card and don’t try for component as the companies won’t give you schematics and the economics make it too costly to repair to the component.. We had full schematics that showed how each gate was connected and what card it was on. That was before the Intel 8080 existed.

My hopes for thetwidgetlog is that it will help all those who have how to, technical or help questions and provide some tips and news along the way. Please join in to comment and ask questions.

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