Acer Aspire V5 Touch

The Acer Aspire|V5-571P-6609 came in a small suitcase size box, very compact. The initial start-up required no extra intervention, just providing some login information and a computer name. It lasted about forty minutes and then a bit longer to run updates. At a later date I used a 16gb flash drive to create a recovery stick, in case of emergency. This took about an hour to create.

Here are some pictures of the unboxing.


Photo Jun 14, 6 14 15 PMPhoto Jun 14, 6 14 09 PM



 Photo Jun 14, 6 15 05 PMPhoto Jun 14, 6 15 29 PMPhoto Jun 14, 6 16 21 PM

 Photo Jun 14, 6 18 33 PMPhoto Jun 14, 6 18 50 PM  Photo Jun 14, 6 17 41 PM



Photo Jun 14, 6 19 33 PMPhoto Jun 14, 6 19 58 PMPhoto Jun 14, 6 21 23 PM (HDR)


Photo Jun 14, 6 20 47 PM


The lap top has some very nice features.

  • The touch screen
  • Back lighted keyboard
  • 8 gb of ram
  • 1 tb of disk space
  • a dvd rw drive
  • HDMI out
  • VGA/Ethernet dongle
  • Two usb 2 and one usb 3
  • A SD card slot
  • A trial of Microsoft office

I have been using it for about a month and the first issue had was with the wireless network card. When the system went to sleep the network would, intermittently, not wake up. After some internet searching the consensus was the driver. I went to the Acer support page and installed the current wireless driver and all was well. The second problem was of my doing, installing the 8.1 pre update. as a pre update it was somewhat unstable and did not have and Bluetooth support. It took most of a day to put 8.1 on the system and an entire day to recover from the test.

When I began looking over windows 8 on my Dell mini 10v I realized that it could not be useful unless you had a touch screen. The temptation to reach out and touch the tiles of the Metro interface is just to much. If you have any tablet or smart phone you will be hard pressed to not touch any monitor, sometimes. The will not disappoint here. The ten point multitouch screen is very responsive. Allowing you to mix mouse/touch-pad movement with touch in the most helpful way.

The battery life is not as long lasting as I would hope, only two’ish hours watching Hulu. It does have a bright screen that is clear. At 720p it is great for most things but I wold not suggest this system as a major gaming rig.

The audio is better than most but you have to have the system on a hard surface rather that a cushy one for full effect. One drawback is the headphone jack that doubles as a microphone/line in. If you wish to use a headset you will need to get an USB headset.

I find this system to be light and easy to carry. It is quick for the tasks I wish to use it for, web and word processing with some video. The start-up time is very short, less than a minute to the login screen. and wireless connection does not delay you.

If you are looking for a large screen system with plenty of memory and disk space and ample speed for all you light to medium task then this is the one for you.







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