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I am following an at the moment reporting entry on of the Apple special event. So farApple has announced a new version of Itunes that will allow the creation of ring tones for the Iphone. You have to have the song already and then it will cost $0.99 to make a ring tone out of it.

There will also be so revamped Ipods. A new red shuffle. the nano will have a larger brighter screen and from the pictures just posted will be shorter and more squat, just as reported by The nano will have a new UI, and play video. and games. The new nanos are coming in the 5 colors and red, white, blue, green and black. The battery life is expect to be 24hrs for audio and 5hrs for video. they will come in 4gb @ $149 and 8gb@$199 models. They are reported to be in the shipping system and should be in stores this weekend.

The Ipod is being renamed the Ipod classic. It will have the new UI and full metal cases. Apparently not the Iphone touch UI though. The drive size will start at 80gb and have 30 hrs audio and 6 hrs videos battery life for $250. There will also be a 160gb Ipod with a slightly thicker case and 40 hours audio 7 hrs video battety life for 350. It is being hinted that there will be another Ipod that has the touch UI though.

Yes there it is the new Ipod touch with the touch UI. 8mm thick and a 3.5 inch wide screen display. Looks like it will have WiFi access too!! 802.11B/G along with the Safari browser and the ability to play youtube video. There will be an 8GB model for $299 and a 16GB model for $399. The battery life is expected to 22 hrs audio and 5 hrs video. They should ship later this month.

There is also a new Itunes store service, wifi for the Itouch and Iphone via an update later this year. If you purchase a song from the wifi Itunes store it will sync up to you itunes app on your computer. Oh, there is one more thing.

Bit of a letdown though, When in or near a Starbucks you will get a new button on the Itouch that will let you buy the song that is playing in Starbucks at the time. While from a technology stand point it is a impressive feat to have this happen, I think free wifi would have gone over better. The Starbucks founder Howard Schultz gave some interesting stats about Starbucks though. they open 7 stores a day, have 14,000 stores and 50,000,000 visitors a week to the stores. They will roll out the service in stages starting with New York and Seattle.

Steve just dropped the 8gb Iphone from $599 to $399, That is a big reduction!!

Well that look like it is a rap. This was fun, maybe I can report live from an event one day.

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  1. rvdiest says:

    <p>Hmmmm…live event reports from you, Jerry. Maybe from a cat show. miao.<br />
    I like the idea of having iTunes convert a song to a ring tone. I wonder if they have any Bach or other classical composers…? I’d consider one of Bach’s St. Matthew solos. When will ring tones go from a single ‘voice’ to multiple tracks? That would be more fun.<br />
    Q: Is there a standard length to ringtones? Like: a few or 25 seconds? Do the callers hear your ringtone or just the generic phone ring coming in from outside?<br />

  2. Jerry says:

    The ring tones are 30 seconds long. Only you hear your tones, just like other phones

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