Backjack II.1 the upgrade

I found out on the 4th of September that Samsung had posted the new windows mobile 6.1 upgrade for my Blackjack II phone. At first I was a planing it cautious, not wanting to lose any of the features and added hacks I had, internet connection sharing for one. but after hearing of the success of another blackjack owner I know I decided to jump in and upgrade.

The instructions for Vista were clear and easy to follow. It can be a bit scary when you realize that if you screw up you will have bricked your phone.

All went well, it took about an hour to get the update installed and the phone synced. After that it was just about adding apps and functions. Google maps worked fine, Google search however would not properly install to the home screen. Also Skype would not run at this time. I’ll wait and see if there is fix soon.

Over all the update has many features you may like, others that you will greet with no enthusiasm. My internet connection sharing was not lost, I had to work on it though, and at first it was not working but Sunday  morning it connected up and I have a test result listed below.

tested speed for internet connection sharing

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