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From Ars Technica
This story is about a guy who couldn’t pay his rent and had his things moved out to the curb, where some one else took his laptop computer and started snooping. Now Crist, the laptop owner, had some suspected child porn which the gut  who took the laptop, Hipple, found and then turned the laptop over to the police. The essence of this is that, for now, police still need a search warrant to examine your computer. for now.

This second story from Ars Technica is even more thrilling. Joel Tenenbaum is being accused of swapping seven songs in 2007 in KaZaA. For his defense he has enlisted the Harvard  Law class Cyberone: Law in the Court of Public Opinion. Professor Charles Nesson defense is based on the assumption that the RIAA is trying to create an “urban legend so frightening to children using computers, and so frightening to parents and teachers of students using computers, that they will somehow reverse the tide of the digital future.” He further argues that this should be criminal case not civil.

From Engadget, Asus and Intel are launching a new website called WePC. Users of this new site will design netbooks and notebooks then hash out the features until a design is reached, then the two companies will take the best and add it to their product line.

In West Virgina the e-voting issue is now a video. Techdirt reports that a clerk of an un named county allowed himself to be recorded showing how the uncalibrated machine failed and after calibration it still failed to choose the correct candidate. He insisted this is not a problem. Sounds like a jedi mind trick, the machine works fine, that is who you voted for.

Our last story is straight out of i robot. Wired reports that DARPA is upgrading their BigDog  prototype to carry 400 pounds, a days worth of fuel and operate autonomously in rough terrain and extreme weather and climates..  I hope they get the positronic brain right this time. We don’t want this named the Forbin project either.

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