Blackjack 2 my thoughts

After a couple of months of looking at getting a new phone I had decided that I wanted a smartphone, but which one. The initial choices were a little overwhelming, do i want a blackberry, a palm, a blackjack, who’s service do i want, how much do i want to spend $$.

At the time I was a Verizon customer for more than 4 years and i was looking at the Moto Q, until I read that it was being discontinued and that is why it was cheap. Also I heard that Motorola is going out of the wireless phone business. The moto q has many nice features but too bulky and with the threat of possibly no support or upgrades, why buy it. Then Verizon messed up and after their mistake I lost my free long distance and since i had upgraded my phone previously i signed a new contract with their mistake still in effect and now they want me to pay for a service that I initially had. Now that’s not right, is it? So I told the customer service rep i was talking to that i would call back and cancle my service as soon as i had another carrier. Her response was “ok” now that made me feel like a “valued customer”.

Sorry about that rambling, back to the review.

After deciding not to get the Moto Q, I began looking at AT&T for service and their smartphones. The palms and blackberrys are great if you are a busy business man/woman like, the push email delivery, and have the money. So I turned my attention to the blackjack 2. My father already had one so I decided to rack his brain with as many questions as i could about this new device. My father, being extremely tech savvy and always up on the newest equipment had a lot of great info for me.

I had made my choice and rushed to best buy, who was the only store in my area offering the blackjack 2 with new service for $49.99, and i didn’t have to pay sales tax on the $300 retale price. Now that was sweet.

So I strolled out of Best Buy with an ear to ear smile, and a Blackjack 2 in hand. As soon as i got home I started playing. The first thing i noticed is the interface. Windows mobile 6 has great functionality and it lets you browse all of the system files. It is like a pc in the palm of your hand. Office mobile will let you view word, excell and powerpoint documents. media player lets you sinc and play music and videos, and does a great job at it. Pocket internet explorer is fine for just checking the news or browsing real quick but not a powerhouse, so don’t expect to be perusing ebay or large web pages unless you are in a 3G area. The calender is basicly a replica of outlook and syncs flawlessly with your calender on your pc and tasks. Email sets up fairly easily. I found that to use send my email through my isp account i had to change the outgoing email server to to use cingular, my isp does not support connecting through a third party, I think that is the problem anyway. If you connect to your email thru an exchange server it will support push email but i just set the Blackjack 2 to check my email every 30 minutes. It has AOL, Yahoo, and Windows live messengers built in but instead of using your unlimited data plan to IM it uses SMS messages, so don’t use if you are like me and did not include text messaging in your plan. Adding a 2gig micro sd card is a must with this smartphone if you want to cary around a lot of music or files. The phone has 150mb of memory  on the device but it does not go that far.

Third party software selection is unbelivable. If you want it it is out there. Most of the software you have to buy but for those of us who use skype, they have a mobile version for this phone. Text chating is great thru skype but voice will not work well unless you are in a 3G area. Divx also provides a free player and converter for smartphones and it works great. Convert a dvd and it takes up about 400mb, watch it on the go. Google maps works great on the blackjack 2 and no longer needs a hack to use the integrated GPS in the phone. Now plot a course and watch yourself on the 320×240 screen. Just make sure to use a car charger if using the GPS because it can drain the battery within a few hours. Bluetooth connections and file transfers between other bluetooth phones is flawless.

All in all I am extremely happy with my Blackjack 2. It has exceeded my expectations from the online info and is integrating into my life and business very fast. I would recommend this smartphone to anyone who wants more that a Blackberry can offer. And with talk of the new Windows Mobile 6.1 being released thru AT&T in the third quarter of 2008, this smartphone will get even better.

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