Blackjack 6.1 finaly gets skype

I checked today with Skype for windows mobile and noticed that the smartphone version had been updated as of 9-24-08. As you know, when I first updated to windows mobile 6.1 Skype failed to install and run. I reported this problem ot Skype and recieved a message back that they knew and thanks.

This time it installed smoothly and ran fine. I made a call to my desk CPU and had nice clear sound over the 3G network, from inside my Faraday cage of an office. I normally just use the chat function to make contact. Now that we have 3G up here in the sticks I am going to use Skype a bit more for voice and see how things go.

I also set up Skype to go for overseas calling.  For only $9.00 US it is a great value for calling  your freinds outside the US and making secure long distance calls from a computer anywhere.

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