Blackjack II, an update

Steven writes “it’s been a few months – are you still happy with your BJII?
And a couple of other things I’m looking for, before I buy one, maybe you know – flash (as you mentioned), a good Twitter client, and is there a connector for it’s calendar to Google Calendar?” as a comment.

Well Steven, I am still happy with it. AT&T upgraded our area to 3G so the data is much faster. Skype finally fixed the window mobile version, although the voice quality is still poor, likely due to the data speeds as my PC client is fine. The bluetooth updates to WM6.1 allow me to listen to music and audible books via my headset.

Sadly flash is still missing unless you purchase Opera Mobile. Microsoft is hinting at licensing it for windows mobile but it is not yet available. There is a sync tool between Google calendar and outlook, but not for windows mobile directly, hopefully in the future since the Blackberry has one. You can view your calendar via the web though.

I have not found a twitter client for windows mobile yet, I have started using and emailing my updates so that I can update several services at one time. The browser on the BJ II allows you to read and post fairly easy, just not auto update to watch. You would have to turn on messaging to get push updates.

For video posting the camera works great, the little mirror helps you to point the camera at you if you are the subject and the quality is good, for a phone camera. I use for broadcasting, if I could find someting better than another test to broadcast. The delays I talk about in my test shots are only visable to me while I shoot. After it is on the site there is no delay or pausing.

I use my phone as part of a whole. I did try to use my aging palm Zire 72 as part also but the calander would get multiple entries with the sync going to the phone and outlook. Now I make Google calander the master and sync to outlook. I send email and test messages as reminders, from Google. I have nevefr liked the calendar on windows mobile, I was spoiled by Palm and Agendus. There is an Agendus for windows mobile, it was not stable the last time I tried it.

I plan on replacing the palm component of my gear with a Dell mini 9, when I can get hte money together to do it.

Over all I still think the phone was a good purchase.

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