Why Would I Use a Chromebook.

About two months ago I set up a Samsung Chromebook 2 for a family member and I thought, wow this was a fast simple startup. Less than 30 minutes after I started I had made sure it updated and connected to the wireless network. Logged on as me to be sure it would get my chrome setting, which I use almost exclusively, power washed it and had them login while here to be sure all was well.

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That is at least 2 hours sooner than when I bought the Acer laptop and hours sooner than when I had to reinstall windows on that same Acer laptop. After that experience I purchased one and will tell you how that came out.

The experience was the same. up and running in less than thirty minutes. I have gone through and spent some extra time to make sure it will work for me even if there is no network.

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The included images show the various apps and extensions I have to let me work on documents, spreadsheets, write journal entries, watch video or listen to audio and even play a game while off the net. I added a micro-SD card so that my data and media files would not be deleted by a power wash. Also to add storage room.


The screen is very clear and has multiple resolutions to allow you to enlarge text if needed. I find the keyboard easy to use and like that the function keys are replaced with tasks like screen brightness and volume. The function keys are available of course, just not primary. There are so many keyboard shortcuts that you will may never need a menu and mouse again.chromeapp03

The battery life is excellent, easily all day and only taking a couple hours to fully recharge. Spare power adapters are available on Amazon for less than twenty dollars so you can have one at work as well, which I do.


All in all I find that I pullout the Chromebook first. It powers up from sleep in seconds and boots in less than two minutes. Since most things I do are in the browser it is not a loss at all.

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Some of the negatives are the inability to run and windows apps,even though my Chromebook has an Intel processor. Also some if the things I have tried don’t work well. The Finch connection does not work. The VPN connection is also not what I had hoped. I can not get it to work with TigerVPN, it appears to be a ms-chap version issue and Chrome only wants V2 rather than allowing V1 or V2. None of these are deal breakers so if you are thinking about trying a Chromebook out, I say go for it!


Check this link, https://pinboard.in/u:jcoffey42/t:Chromebook/, often for additional links to Chromebook topics.

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