Cloud computing: The next big thing we have been doing since computers existed.

One definition of cloud computing would be that the data you want is somewhere else. That may be down the hall, or down under.  Since the creation of computers we have have gathering our data into one place to make it easy to sort, find and backup.

A mainframe system could be viewed as the first cloud computer, have the data in the basement instead of the file cabinet beside you. And that data is available to everyone in the company, who is allowed.

We even went around the OS, had dumb terminals that had no smarts. But then we decided to make smart terminals, and then computers on the desktop. There are some that say the desktop is dead but I don’t think they have thought this through.

Browser based cloud computing  is just another way to get to our data. There will always be a desktop, laptop or mobile with an OS. We need the computing power, offline ability and flexibility.

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