Cloud printing for the poor

I was going through my chrome options this morning, trying to find a way to reduce the visible size of the app screen  and found “cloud printing”?

This feature showed up in Chrome v9 apperently, I just didn’t notice. So I set it up and checked to see if I could print from my ipad to the desktop printer. It worked! I can even print from my iPod touch on IOS 4.2

Setting up was a breeze. Just click on the wrench and go to options then the under the hood tab. Sign in to “Cloud print” and your off.

I tested it with my iPad and Google docs. I tried two different docs and both printed just as they should. You are offered a choice of printers, based on what you have installed on the computer.

Currently the spreadsheet did not offer a cloud print choice.

I then used team viewer to setup cloud printing on a home computer with a printer and WOW. There is the printer at home. I could be anywhere and send a print-job to a printer at work or at home!

This is just one more reason to use chrome and Google docs for your word processing needs.

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  1. Ckowalczc says:

    So very helpful, I had no idea, will this work from desktop to desktop I wonder? ie, Can I print to home if I’m at work?

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