Cloudless computing

The windows live group has released a new beta package that can sync folders between two computers ove the net and allow you to browse your other machines for that spreadsheet you left at work but need at one a.m. The site is called It takes less than five minutes to install the client and get a login name. From there you install the client onto another computer, yours, and using the same credentials you install. You can them create a private library folder to sync or a public library folder, public only in the sense that you invite and allow friends to use it. It was very easy to setup and sync a large amount of files between two computers easily. I would however like to see this product use the same windows live login as my live account. It appears to be a stand alone system at the moment. Perhaps they will integrate into the other live products when the beta test is over. regardless I think you should use the product to keep all your machines sync’d with the same data.  Share you experiences with this product here.

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