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PC world reports that windows 7 is in pre-beta, (beta beta?) It is a refinement of vista and will be stripped down. will it run on our current equipment or will we need to buy new gear for the new OS. Microsoft is adding multi-touch support to windows 7.

The New York Times reports that Google has settled it’s two three year old copyright lawsuits for $125 million. If approved by the court, Google will setup a book registry to provide payment for copyright holders. They will divide the income from advertising, book sales and subscriptions between Google, authors and publishers.

Reuters reports that Microsoft’s next version of Office, Office 14 may be a web based product. It’s not clear whether it will be free like Google or a  subscription yet. Microsoft is saying that they will be light versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The documents are planned to be available via desktop, web or mobile phone

Eweek give a report Microsoft’s Azure cloud OS. Microsoft had to find a new location for the data center to support Azure and the found it in Quincy, Washington.
They have a 75 acre compound with a   500,000 square foot data center. They will be using 25 megawatts of power from the hydroelectric plant on the Columbia river. The final facility will be 707,000 square feet and have space for several thousand servers.
Our final story is from the Washington post, the Christian Science Monitor is marking their 100 years anniversary by end the paper edition. They will become a weekly paper delivered entirely via the web.

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