Dell Mini 10v has arrived! ( for me anyway)

I received my Dell mini 10v by FedEx on Friday and quickly began the changing. I installed Windows 7 and all the drivers I could from dell. I charged the battery up and updated the bios. It’s curious that there were two bios upgrades already.

I then watched an episode of Royal Pains on Hulu, to assess the video behavior and was not unpleased. The video was as good as my Toshiba, as long as I buffered a bit, and played full screen.

One thing I don’t like is that when it goes to sleep, the SD card doesn’t wakeup.

I am typing this on my Mini 10v and find the keyboard is a bit small but larger than the mini9. I like the function key utility that allows what would be a Fn+ stoke to just be the key. Making volume adjustments a one key affair.

I bought mine with the 16gb SSD and the six cell battery for all day life.

Stay tuned for upadates as I continue to explore the uses of a netbook.

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