Don’t Bogart that mp3 dude!

Digital drugs are all the fad according to Kim Komando. A starter drug that will lead you to Cocaine and Heroine. Unfortunately she is ignoring a major condition of addictive behavior, if they want to hide from reality they will. Sadly I can speak to this from experience. I had a relative that constantly made the choice to self medicate rather than seek help and support. This eventually cost the ultimate price. There are no gateway drugs, only feelings and urges that can lead to addictive behavior if they don’t seek help.

Binaural beats are attributed with everything from making you psychic to being an antidepressant. Sadly I think she is pandering to the masses. There is no evidence, as she notes, that binaural beats can cause effects like drugs of any type. It has been supposed the binaural beats can effect the level of various brain waves. While this is the theory I suspect that the positive effects have more to do with the time you spend relaxing while listening to the beats than the sound waves themselves. Meditation has been used as a method of focus and relaxation for thousands of years.

Regardless of reality there are still web sites that are pushing these beat sound files as digital drugs, taking advantage of the easily influenced. These will go down in history as the snake oil of the 21st century.

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