Don’t click that link!


We all get the stupid email about some drug or stock we just have to have. Inside that message is a link back to solve all your problems, clear your credit, end your debit.

Not really. If you follow that link then you may realize all your worst nightmares. The spam mail demons are just waiting to get your private information and use it to buy a new boat or car. They my also take over your computer and use it to send more spam mail or attack various web sites at will. After your computer is compromised there is not easy fix. You will have to use the restore CD to clear it up.

When you get a message in your email that is not expected and has a link to some web site don’t click on it. If you feel you just have to go to that site DON”T. If you still have to, then copy the link and use Firefox to go there. It is not safe but may stop some problems.

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