Eight windows and all is well!

So windows eight arrived to much fanfare and controversy. It was beautiful, horrible, predictable. I immediately took up the task and downloaded an ISO to install into a virtual machine. That install was amazingly smooth and fast. The Beta fish on the load screen was cute! I found that you cold link and login to your local machine with your windows live account. I proceeded to use the random and unmemorable password to set up. Later I returned to my live account online and changed the password and it changed for my cpu!

I purposely setup the virtual machine to use only 1GB of ram and minimal resources to simulate the net-book it would eventually use. it worked fine.  I brought in Chrome and Skype, two of my have to have programs and they work fine with the exception of camera access through the virtual machine. That, I suspect, is my fault.

With this favorable install I decided to make a bootable USB drive and installed to a dell Latitude E6400 I had available. This system came with Vista installed so it was a pre win7 system. The install went smoothly and quickly. I erased the drive and did a clean install with no issues at all. On this install I did a local account as it is a shared resource. There were some updates that I manually fetched but it appears that you have less choice about the updates and must take them regardless.

The latitude boots into windows 8 very quickly, 20 seconds, and that is with a standard hard drive. it shows a wireless connection made in that 20 seconds as well. Every thing is snappy and clean. I have noticed that even though the desktop is considered an app this are loading none the less. My Skype install continues to login even though I have not had a chance to go to the desktop yet.

My next test was to install to the dell mini 10v I have. again the install was smooth, no surprises or workarounds. This time I again connected to my live.com address to see how the integration is going. After the first boot I had to do updates to get the windows 8 driver for the video card, this gave me the 1024×600 resolution. Unfortunately this is too low to allow the metro apps to run. luckily I could connect an extra monitor and run that at a resolution that wold allow the metro apps to work, 1024×768 at least.

Other apps run fine though, Chrome, Skype, my favorites and you know. I added flash as I like to use the netbooks as my tiny windows to amazon, Hulu and Netflix. I ran a youtube test to see how it works, after an hour it was still plowing through The Chieftains and The High Kings. As a double check ot be sure flash as used I did a right click on the video,… I think it’s flash.

While the departure from the previous norms can confuse some I think that the new UI for windows eight is innovative. It will bring new ways to monitor vital information and access your data. Don’t let your fear of change keep you from experiencing the new and finding ways to be informed without having to chase that knowledge.


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