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If we are not on Facebook we know someone who is and wants us to join. There is just that thought, in the back of your mind, that you don’t want to have the world knowing everything you are up to. Good news! You only have to share what you want. That may only be the sunrise when it strikes you or an especially nice looking chicken dinner. It will only be what you want to say.

I do have some bad news for you though, if you are using any bank cards, credit cards or frequent the same stores, then information is already being gathered about you. Its used to send you ads, offer you fast food coupons and cat food.

That is the same thing Facebook does. There is one other thing though. Those on Facebook can also see that you like Slim Jim’s too much, have a 10 year old car and went to Hawaii last year for a vacation. We are going to talk about what to post and how to be sure only your friends get to see it.

Lets start with the most important rule, don’t say anything on the internet unless you would say it on the street corner to a stranger.  That’s right, if you won’t tell this information to someone you don’t know face to face then don’t tell the internet.

That brings us to the next rule, the internet doesn’t forget. You might wake up the next day and decide that the post you made after the first pint should come down. Too late, someone read it and posted at, LOL, at your expense. They may have even saved the picture for email sharing!

Next, only “like” those things that you want others to know you like. The like is a signal that Facebook uses to provide reinforced advertising. You like coke, you have a friend that will now see a Coke ad saying that you like Coke. In my case I occasionally see things on amazon the I learn are liked by one of my Facebook friends.

Now one of the most important rules, only friend people you know. There are many people that have decided that the more Facebook friends they have then the more friends they have. Those who you friend will have a window into your life that you may only wish to share with your family so don’t share with them. Some of you will have a reason to friend everyone but try to resist. If you are promoting a business or brand the use a page and post your promotional information there.

Now lets recap some common rules about internet accounts.

Use a different password for each service, not the same one for all.

In each password use capitals, numbers and other characters.

Use a password manager to help create and remember those passwords. See this post for some more information. Also see this information sheet about Safe Web Surfing.

Facebook already has several pages to help you protect your self.


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