– plus or minus?

Here is a short note I sent to the hulu plus contact from their site.

I am happy to see that you are embracing the new media devices. It saddens me to think I may have to pay $10 a month to access your site from them though.
I understand that you need to increase revenue. I think you would accomplish that by allowing all devices access to your library.

I see hulu as another television channel, one that allows me to choose my programing rather than be dictated to. This does not stop me from watching other channels and networks on my television, just another avenue to those shows.

At $10 per month I could  pay for a slingbox in a couple of years and watch all the channels on my cable connection.
Please pass on this request to allow all devices to access at least the basic library. This could give you an idea of the revenue increase possible.

I am hoping that hulu will see the writing on the wall and opt for the massive growth they could have.

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