Hulu on the IPad?

Hulu the free online video hub has some interesting things on the horizon, according to the NYT.

Hulu has made it’s online video site successful, and brought free tv and movies to the masses. four people at Hulu said that it may be bringing out an app for the IPad. The ability to watch the tv shows i missed or my favorite shows and movies on my shiny new IPad just makes my mouth water.

But the companies that supply content for, want them to bring in more advertising revenue and charge subscriptions. So they can get larger kickbacks i’m sure. Hulu’s Mr Kilar said. “We’re certainly open to subscriptions as a complement to an ad-supported model.”

People briefed on Hulu’s plan said they may test the subscription service with the IPad app, but had no information on when it would be available.

My opinion is that the free service is great, its no worse than watching tv with commercials and it brings in revenue for hulu and its content suppliers. But if they wanted to add a subscription service for premium shows and new movies that would be fine. Let people opt in or out of the premium services, but with a paid premium plan, I would expect NO ADS. If they try to change Hulu to be a subscription service only, their content suppliers may find the Hulu audience hit all time lows. I for one have a netflix subscription and the disc for my Wii, so i do not need another subscription for online video, and would probably abandon Hulu if it chose this path.

Let me know what you think.

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