I’m a PC and I can’t get up

Well the new groups of Microsoft ads are out and may be just as confusing. Trying to make using a PC comparable to who you are is like saying if you use an apple you must be dirt. I’m not convince these are any better for Microsoft than the vague Seinfeld ads.

If they are going to try to promote winds and PC-ness as a thing Microsoft may want to take a lesson from 3M. They don’t make your “insert item”, they make it better, ads. Those were all about showing what the 3M company did for you and how they made your life better. Not that you were an extension of the company.

I think Microsoft may want to find another agency before they get more lost.
Being a PC is not a reason to use a PC. Having a tool that makes your life easier, better, your job more productive and profitable. That is a reason to use a PC and use Windows.

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