IOS 4.3 the shocking truth

Wednesday, 3-9-11, at 10am IOS 4.3 was released. I quickly connected my IPad and upgraded. Yea, a painless upgrade. Now for the testing, is it better?

I began with Safari. Opening a page was quicker. Then I went to a You Tube video I had tried the night before. It had taken several minutes to buffer the one and a half minute show. Now it began playing and did not need to stop for buffering, that is a win.

Now we check Hulu. Normally I have several stops to buffer and some total stops during any length show. With IOS 4.3 the show started up, only had some minor blips that would have been a stop. It kept on going without a hitch. Yet another win. App loading feels faster too.

What about the playing of your library media to the iPad via AirPlay? That’s not exactly what they mean. They mean’t you could access your home-shared library from your iPad or iPhone or touch. Once you go to settings on the device and put in your apple ID you can access your music, podcasts and video from either the iPod app or the video app.

I think this update is a win, right now. Now we will see how the new apps work this Friday.

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