iOS4 on the 3G iphone, is it worth it?

Well after a day or two to play with a shiny new OS on my iPhone 3G, I am ready to share my experiences with the world.
To begin with, I did know that my dated 3G iphone would not support multitasking, but i was reallt looking forward to being able to set a background for the home screens. But i guess the 3G just isn’t powerful enough to do that (according to apple). Oh well, its not a deal breaker.
Next there is the folders, I think its a love hate relationship with these. I love being able to put games and news into folders but it also adds another step to quickly opening an app. And what are all of those home screens for if I just put everything in folders on the first page. But I do like being able to put apps i do not use much into one icon instead of one home screen. Like i said love/hate. But i will still use it.
Ibooks on the iphone? are you serious. Has anyone tried to read for extended periods on their iphone? Not fun. its just too small to enjoy reading more than a few emails. But if you need to get your fix of the newest Harry Potter book you can read a couple chapters on the train and it will sync your bookmarks with ibooks on your iPad so you are never trying to remember where you left off on what gadget.
Threaded email is one of my favs. I hated having a conversation with clients through my email and answering back via iphone at times and seeing tens of individual emails form the same person. now you get one entry in your inbox with a number in the right side identifying how many messages are in that thread. Yay apple its finally getting a little closer to gmail.
Performance? If you need speed do not upgrade your 3G iphone to iOS4. I found that navigating menus and settings is noticeably slower, as well as typing. I start typing and it gets stuck waiting to catch up, which it eventually does, but irritating all the same. Apps seem to crash more and at least one app of mine will not run at all.
5X digital zoom on the camera? LAME!! it is just what it sounds like digital zoom gives you increasingly worse pictures. I wont be using it.
Other minor changes to the menus, contact screens, and settings are all explained elsewhere and seem to make things easier and less screen changes for adding contact info is welcomed.
I just wanted to hit on the big changes in iOS4 and let you know whay i think.
I will be keeping it on my 3G and enjoy what Apple did give us on this supposedly outdated 2 yr old phone.

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