iPad as a content tool

The iPad as a content creation tool is a difficult task. The iPad was designed with content consumption in mind. It can however be brought in line and used to create documents as needed for little cost.

To create text, you can use Pages, the Apple iWork word processor, Notesy or Plaintext. These are the three I am using right now, there are others available in the app store. My online word processor of choice is Google Docs, but it requires you to be online to use and the iPad interface is “not ready for prime time” yet.

These three are simple to use and have the cloud rooted in their utility. If you use pages then to move your document off for sharing or printing you would save it to Apples iCloud.

Plaintext and Notesy use Dropbox as a sharing point. Both of these tools are for creating unformatted text files, which several writers have suggested is the best way to get your information down first. These tools allow you to pick up and save files to folders in your Dropbox account, that is free for 5 gb of storage.

Pages and Notesy have the additional feature of email, allowing you to send your document to someone or a mobile printing resource such as the one provided by OCS.

Goodreader will allow you annotate PDFs and capture web pages for adding to Dropbox and other cloud services.

Another good resource for gathering webpages is Instapaper. There is a web applet for the iPad Safari browser as well as the desktop. There is also an email address to add links. These links can then be turned into an ebook format like ePub or kindle. I have the last twenty articles sent to my kindle each Friday so I can read them.

With all these tools you would primarily use your computer to access the cloud resource for further editing, formatting and printing. If your app is capable you can email the document or print to a local airprint capable printer.

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