iPad, Eater of Worlds

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the iPad. The one true device that will rain destruction and joy upon us all. If you could just know who is right!

In fact everyone is right.

When looking at what gear to buy consider mostly what you want to do. In then same way you consider what type of restaurant to go to for dinner. Once you choose the cuisine then chose the the environment to have it in. I’d like some Italian on the waterfront, or maybe a nice cappuccino by the park.

A nice audio book on the iTouch for the afternoon, then some classic movie on the iPad while I relax on the sofa. Maybe I’ll check my email on the netbook while listening to the latest TWIT on my Zune. There are only some people that want one gizmo to do it all.
In then end there is enough room for multiple devices just as there is room for ten kinds of pizza.

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