IPad for the artist

A week and a half after Apple announced the IPad the arguments keep flying about how useless it is, and it’s lack of certain features. But interestingly enough, no chatter about the presentation of Brushes for the IPad at the Apple event.

After seeing the brushes application on the IPad I can’t help but think about how this may change digital artwork in the future. Being an amateur artist myself, I have looked into Wacom tablets for a more realistic approach to drawing on a computer. Unfortunately I never forked out the clams for one because the base models were over $100 and only gave you a 4 inch square to draw on. Also you are looking at the screen and and drawing blind, that didn’t appeal to me much. Now with Brushes on the IPad It looks like you are drawing on paper with a selection of brush types and no mess. This is a much more realistic approach to creating artwork on a computer, and you can bet this is something I will play with a lot when I get my IPad.

Just remember to check back here for a comprehensive review and pictures of the IPad in action.

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