IPads are on their way to waiting customers!

Last weekend was a huge rush of people posting that their IPad orders were “Prepared for shipment”. So I hurried over to the Apple online store to check my order status, and low and behold, mine was “prepared for shipment” WOO HOO! By Monday my order was updated as shipped with tracking numbers linked to the UPS tracking page, but much to my disapointment, no information yet. So I waited, and by Tuesday morning I had the information I was looking for. My Ipad oprder had an origin scan from SHENZHEN, CN, What? I expected Apple to have the IPads stocked in the states ready for disbursment, but no they are coming directly from China. Apple is shipping them using an express shipping service through UPS that id designed for large shipments of time sensitive materials.

But don’t get too excited about getting your IPad before launch date because I’m sure Apple has made sure to have them held and delivered on Saturday April 3rd.

Check back daily and I will post every update to my IPad shipment for everyone to follow.

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