My iPhone 6 Plus

I finally saved enough to replace my aged iPhone 4s, 3 years of faithful service. I thought I would write a bit about it.

Now I am not  going to give you another un-boxing or rundown of spec’s. there are plenty of places to see that. I thought I would recount why I chose the iPhone 6 Plus and what issues I have encountered.

Knowing that it would take a while to save up to replace my iPad I decided to get the iPhone 6 Plus and use it as an iPad as well as a phone. This way I can have the large screen and phone too.

I have service with AT&T so I went to their store to get the phone. The sign in was simple, on an iPad. When my turn came around the process was painless. The phone only came out of the box at the end to make sure a call could be made.

I know there have been comments about how large it is but I find it comfortable in the hand and no larger than a standard phone hand set. It is a two handed operation though. There is a double touch trick to bring the to of the screen down if you are trying to be one handed but I have not found a use for that yet.

My first issue was the need for a case that would protect the phone and screen. Having seen the bent iPhone stories I wanted to avoid that. Of course only people with really tights pants who put the phone in a really tight back pocket and sat on it had the issue.

I found a rigid case that had a belt clip to allow clipping to safety at Best Buy that also allowed the front to be covered by a rigid surface. This replaced a small Nitize pouch I was using on my belt for the iPhone 4s. Due to the size of the phone I have not clipped it to my belt at all. I put it in the front pocket or in the laptop bag when I have it. Otherwise I just carry it around as needed.

My next was to order a screen protector, to avoid scratches and the like. I found that on Amazon. Then the FM transmitter in the car died and I thought hey, lets get a Bluetooth to FM unit. That was on Amazon as well. Oh, and the extra cables for charging!

All the while I was re-installing apps, reconnecting services and getting used to the size change.  I have found the large screen to be excellent,  video easier to watch and text easier to read. Battery life is also excellent! Before the cables I could go the whole day without charging. Some calls and video net casts. Now the 4s  couldn’t go half a day without charging. Because I am at a desk a lot of the time I put the phone on a charger just to be sure that when I leave I have a full charge on the phone.

I almost forgot one of the best things about the iPhone 6 Plus, the fingerprint scanner. I have easily programmed in three fingers spread over both hands, just in case. I also set up apple pay, that was very easy to do. I finally found someone who was using  apple Pay, in their drive through no less. I brought up seeing the notice on the menu board and the clerk grabbed the card reader and held i out the window. I was the first to ask about using it and it was the first time I used Apple Pay. It was simple, hold the phone over the receiver, the phone wakes up and shows the card you setup. You scan your finger and get a beep saying it is all done.

Overall I would say that if you are comfortable with the size of the iPhone 6 Plus and want the large screen and extra battery life you get with that size then go for it.

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