iPhone 7 review

The iPhone 7 has been available for several months now. I was able to get mine near the end of October. My review of the iphone7 will be slight different than you see from others. Rather than write about all the cool features and failures I want to look at my switch from a iPhone 6 plus phone to the iPhone 7.

Well first I will tell you that the switch was due to rushing. I originally planned on the iPhone 7 plus, wanting the large battery and double rear cameras. I had an order that would have gotten the phone to me in mid November but kept checking the ATT store for stock. Every time they had none, then one day they had some!

I rushed right down and the rep brought out what they had. I thought I had asked about a 7plus. He brought out a 7. Without even checking, this is the rushing part, I had my order canceled and took the phone. It was still in the box, I returned to my office and unpacked it.

What the! It’s, small!

I rushed back to find out there was a $45 restock fee and they did not have a 7 plus. The representative was friendly and willing to help. He would have been more helpful if he had mentioned the difference at the time of canceling the 7 plus order!

That said, I decided to keep the regular size phone and compare the usage of it replacing my 6 plus.

At first I kept grabbing the 6 plus for anything but phone calls and text. The iPhone 7 feels small in my hands and worries me that I may drop it. But as time goes on I have started grabbing the iPhone 7 more and more, leaving the Iphone 6 plus for the podcasts and media playing, like a large iPod.

Now I grab the iphone 7 first and only grab the iPhone 6 plus when I am starting the video podcasts or to preserve battery of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 battery is not horrible but it definitely has a shorter life than the iPhone 6 plus.

The IOS updates have improved it and keeping the bluetooth radio off when not needed has also helped.

The size of the iPhone 7 allows it to fit in pockets better and has a better operating speed than the iPhone 6 plus. I can feel the difference when starting the same app on each phone.

I would recommend getting the iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus if your phone is in need of replacement.

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