Is Google really evil?

After hearing about the decision Google made to stop providing filtered results to china and move the access to the Hong Kong servers I also heard everyone smacking  Google for doing this. One group was praising them for leaving. Another group was putting Google down for making a self serving decision. The fact is if Google had not gone to China and entered the market it would mean nothing to not be there.  If there is no demand for a product or service then telling someone they can’t have it is meaningless.

There is also this idea that some how Google is a hypocrite for only doing this after the attack on their servers. Again I point to the fact that if Google never entered the market then leaving or not being there would mean nothing. There are many ways to work for the end of oppression. We can fight an all out war, or a guerrilla war, or we can use economic pressure to entice the populace and force the government to change their ways. That is part of why western business is moving into the Chinese economy, so that it will become harder for the oppressive government to hold down the people.

So while thinking about this issue try to remember that there is no easy way to stop tyranny and sometimes you just have to say you have had enough. I am going to take my ball and go home!

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