Microsoft fires one over the bow

In an article by Paul Thurrott, he talks about a test, run at Sophos, that points to Windows 7 still being vulnerable to 80% of the virus’s tested. Microsoft responds to Sophos pointing out that it was never claimed that Windows 7 would not need an antivrus solution. In fact Microsoft recommends that you get a antivrus solution as part of you system protection strategy.  As talked about in the article, I believe this is bogus test announced just to reinforce the Sophos name as an antivirus solution.

Here is the post that started it all.

Below is the comment I posted at the Windows IT Pro article.

The reason this is a bogus test and brings the trust of Sophos in to question is that they are stating the obvious as a revelation. Mush the same way other companies state the norm as a feature. An example of that is the milk you buy. The low fat milk with 50% less fat, this is they went from 4% in the mix to 2% in the mix. The bigger number makes you feel like it is less.

Stating that a new operating system is still vulnerable to a system compatible virus is like saying the new baby is still able to get sick. You still have to give the baby antivirus shots and still have to take care of it.

As for prepackaging an antivirus solution, that would be great, until some European entity opens yet another lawsuit about unfair business practices.

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