More Joost please

Well it has been a few weeks since became available to me and I am sad to say it is not what I hoped. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a great step forward in IPTV. They just need to have more some better content.

The program has been fairly stable and the UI is great. It is easy to look for content there is just not enough of it. When taking the show to full screen it is as good as it was on my color tv from the 1980’s. of course the show was from the 1980’s too. V the series, Forever Knight, Time cop.

The shows are interrupted every 15 minutes or so with a 15 second commercial. This is acceptable most of the time, but the decision on when the commercial starts is left up to a timer and not a person so there is no scene break. It just stops playes the commercial and then back to the show, normally replaying a few seconds before the break.

Altogether I’d say good but needs more. More content, more recent content,more diverse content.

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