My pad, your pad, iPad

My iPad showed up Saturday about 1pm, after an anxious wait. It was glorious, it looked just like the one Leo opened on, no surprise there. I proceeded to open it up, sync the apps and some content and start testing.

It came fully charged and powered right up. When first connected it to the hub for syncing it caused an error in iTunes that I first thought was due to using my iPod cable. Later on I found that it would sync fine using the cable for my 30gb iPod.
My next problem was the no charging message by the battery. When watching the unpacking video

by Andy Ihnatko he asserted that the iPad would charge, slowly, while connected to the computer and quickly while connected to the 10 watt adapter provided. Apple has now provided guidance to confirm that while connected to a normal usb port the iPad will only charge while asleep.

I connected to my WPA2 encrypted network with ease and proceeded to test apps. I showed my wife the bright screen, slick way the screen was accessed and rotated, and went on to set up dropbox and for shared content access.

Setting up the email client was simple, allowing me to get and send email from my gmail account. Testing the Netflix app was a breeze and worked better than the media center app. I signed into my Netflix account and chose an episode of Murder She Wrote to view. It started right up and when the iPad was rotated it expanded to fill the screen.

Then I pulled up the map and the pinch showed it’s value, zooming in and out, rotating the map orientation. That is so slick. Google Earth is another beautiful app showing satellite images of the earth along with other information about the areas you zoom in to see.

I found that I had not put the ibook app on and needed to sync my contacts from gmail, so back to the pc. When I opened ibook I found a free book installed, Winnie the Pooh. Adding The adventures of Sherlock Holmes from the Gutenberg project was simple and took only a minute to complete.

My first day experience was great and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to access web content, ebooks, music, video, and audio books.

I did not make my own unboxing video. Andy’s video referenced above is just too complete. I will bring more reviews as I proceed to use Keynote, the VGA adapter and test my connectify hotspot software with my AT&T data plan.

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