One PDF to hold them all.

Working at a Junior college computer lab provides some insight into the needs of the students. They have papers to write, print and turn in. Some instructors want the papers all gathered together into one PDF at the end of class.

So I will present one way to make that happen.

Most students will be using some type of word processor, word, office 365 or Google Docs. All of these will allow you to print a range of pages.

With this method you will write each paper in the same saved document, starting each on a new page. Then printing only those pages that are needed each time.

Whenever you instructor asks for a single file of all your documents the you just save the entire document as a PDF and email it to them.

If you were unfortunate enough to find this post late in the class then I have another solution. Create a new document the is empty, then open each of the others, one at a time. Select all  and copy, the commands can be found under the edit menu. Then paste into the new document, starting each paste on a new page.

Once done you can save the document as a PDF and email to your instructor.

If  you have any other ways just let me know and I’ll include them.


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