Password Rodeo

Here we are, once again someone has posted usernames and passwords they claim to have taken from some service by nefarious means. This will continue to be a problem as long as we are use some means to protect our things. Dropbox is our current scare.

Security breaches will happen and that can not be changed, what can be changed is your password. By using a long unique password you can protect your services. When these breaches occur and one of your services is affected you need to change the password to it as soon as possible. This will close the door on the breach to your data.

The best protection is to use two factor logins, which some services can provide, long passwords are the next best protection. These can be a problem, especially 20 character random passwords. To solve that problem I use a password manager. With a password manager I can store the many unique passwords for my services and generate new ones.

There are several services and apps that will help you safely store your passwords. I use, free for web use and currently $12 per year to have premium access including from your mobile device. Here is a list of password managers that is maintained on Wikipedia.




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