PI III the quickening

Do you remember that movie, the one where a group of aliens had their memories erased and were dropped on the earth, only to discover they couldn’t die!

Then they find out there are others like them scattered around the globe, and they are out to kill them and know how.

You finally meet one and are drawn into a battle to the death, which you win, liberating your opponents head from their body.

You are then electrocuted with the life energy of your opponent, the quickening!

That is not the experience you have using the PI 3 as your computer. Dont take that wrong, The Pi is an amazing computer for the price. For under $99 you can have the power of a early 2000’s computer.

The Pi is actually about $35 but you have to get a case and power and memory card and so on. I paid around $65  for mine and use an old keyboard and mouse with a spare monitor.

I am writing this using google docs and firefox. I tried at first to use the default web browser, Epiphany,  but google had rejected it as too old. I then had to install the PI version of firefox, Iceweasel, Not so difficult.

There are some drawbacks that will bother some users. An intermittent pause in doing anything, causing the system to not take in any typing or allow mouse movement.

This is not for those who don’t want to explore or have no interest in learning new things. You will have to use the internet and Raspberry PI forums to learn how to add programs, delete them and customize your new tiny computer.

You will have to put up with some delays and using programs that may be rough around the edges.

The reward will be you, getting smarter about computing, able to understand how computers and the internet works and if you stretch just a bit more you can learn to program with tools that come as part of the OS.

Keep checking back for more bits of insight and help. I also plan to make a startup guide for Raspberry Pi.

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