Save gas and still have that meeting

If you are looking to hold online meetings for various reasons. Cut down on travel, meet with students for counseling, tutoring. The reasons are varied and numerous. The most important but disregarded need is the one you don’t know you have.

When choosing a solution you might be led down the garden path thinking big company means train once and use forever. The fact is there are advances in technology occurring daily and thinking you can use one solution forever is going to slow down your growth and production.

All products change and any training program will have to address the fact that at any update the interface and options will change, sometimes radically. This was recently shown when Word was updated to a new user interface. It is also misguided to believe that if a company is selling a product it will continue to sell it.

When choosing a solution you need to recognize that since you have not done any of these things you have no point of reference.

I suggest that instead of trying to choose a proprietary solution that limits what can be accomplished or will limit what can be aspired to you give the no cost solutions a try. By using something right now, the cost only the time to learn, you can establish what is good, bad and desired in a meeting package.

Requirements need to be stated to guide the choice of a product. some of them are:

  • Easy to use. The interface should be self explanatory
  • Not major install for the end user. You have to have some plugins or drivers but there should not be a licensed huge program to install.
  • Getting the meeting invitation should be easy, via email if possible.
  • There needs to be a way to share various documents and web pages easily.

Some solutions for meetings include:

goto meeting

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