Secret messages: no lemon juice needed.

I have found an extension for chrome called encrypt the cloud. It allows you to post encrypted message to twitter,face book and several other sites, encrypt them and decrypt the replies or posts from your secretive friends. You can get it at the chrome web store. Once installed you just add your name and key and the name and key of your secret friends. you may also have to add each site you wish to encode/decode.

On twitter just type your tweet, hit ctrl-y and there you are. It does take up extra room so it will mean less information or more abbreviations. you can also use the dem pasge to encrypt a message for general posting with clear text or an un supported site.


Give it a try. my ussername is thetwidgetlog and key is starbuck.


{{thetwidgetlog::YJdVTu3 t7e157w XQYlrc4 4CYlmps V8oxYnl OJ6boAy HbxZaXQ d8ivOGi /sub0Sy NYQa8My 6YRXuiJ TNIkGnX KarXP0A wXcNE8T baB5ALs Kq7AOsc E95iqeo /B9TQ0f uloIpk4 4zERkUE PVh02D4 48N0l/K rxAEWRi 1a0}}

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