Thou Shalt be Safe and Secure

We have locks on our doors, to keep out those who would take our things. We also need locks on our computers to keep out those who would take our files and use our computer as their own.

I have listed some things to do and software to use. If you follow these suggestions you will minimize the risk to you and your computer.

Turn on windows firewall.

Don’t click on links in the email.

Update all programs routinely.

Don’t open attachments in email.

Use Google Chrome, Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer

Turn on popup blocking in the browser, it is usually on by default.

Turn on automatic updates for windows.

Be cautious when downloading files, some sources use an adware installing client to download for you. And add programs they think you should try.

Install an anti-virus solution such as Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG or NOD32.

Don’t respond to, or use links in, email that says it came from your bank or other institution. Even if you have an account there, your institution would not contact you in this way.