Televison, the other way to see.

What is television

Television is an old mode of sharing vision. Television is an new mode of sharing vision.
It seems odd to say that but it is true, television is changing as are all ways of communicating.

What started out as a communication device for the rich became the prevalent mode of sharing and disseminating knowledge to the masses for 50 plus years. We watched wars on the other side of the planet, events live from anywhere and a man walk on the moon. Some would say television is dead. I think they are wrong. Our “far sight” is healthy and growing. It is growing with us and using a new method of getting from here to there, the internet.

Yes the internet. Whether the vision is transmitted over radio waves, through the air or bits on a cable it is all still being sent through the Ether. The method of getting our picture is not really important, only the content we wish to see.

We are quickly adding web sites that bring our television to our computers and television set makers are quickly adding support for the new internet transmission medium. I do find it curious at the delay the mainstream content providers have caused. The radio was one of the first modes to move over to the internet.

The best is yet to be, if the content creators don’t try to stop it.

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