The case of the missing files


Today I had a problem with a student who brought a CD from home with a document on it for printing. It turned out that she only thought the file was on the CD.

When using a CDR or CDRW for storage, and the CD management software in Windows X, the files are first put into a temporary storage area on the hard drive. The file icons have a small arrow on them indicating that they are wait to be written to the CD.

If you are going to use Cd’s to move files between computers, and use the windows built in burning capabilities, then you need to follow these steps.

Put a blank CD into the CD drive, it must be a drive capable of writing Cd’s.

Save as, copy to or send to the files you want on the CD.

After you have all the files you wish on the CD in the waiting area you can then open the drive from my computer or, right click on the drive, and choose to write the data to the drive.

Once written the disk can move to other computers but may not allow other files to be placed on the disk.

There are other software solutions that will write to Cd’s but you must have the same software on every computer you want to use the CD on.

A better choice for moving files between computers is the USB hard drive, small and cheap.

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