The Cloud Conundrum

As you know Google docs and Gmail or Office Live are considered cloud services. These cloud services are  very popular, except with some tech mavens. They consider it a passing fad and name each temporary issue as a reason it should not be trusted.

What is it that makes the cloud a place to use? Access from any browser, access from any equipment, the ability to share you documents with others as viewers or editors. With all these positive things you can do why are they talking it down? Because the service went down for a couple of hours? My schools exchange server went down for a day during an upgrade. Because you can hack the email online? We have had outlook accounts left open on machines all night, accessible to anyone that walked up to the machine. Local accounts were the first ones hacked.

The fact is there are positive and negative things about any way you do things. For the most part I think the cloud services are going to push forward document sharing and collaboration. These services will be as secure as your desktop or work computer and as reliable. That does not mean you should not have a plan for problems like local storage and backups. Just use a little common sense and keep the sensitive documents on an encrypted device for security.

What are your thoughts?

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