The Daily Telegraph

The Daily has been out for several weeks now. I have found it to be a little too slow. It has taken as long as fifteen minutes to update and crash at least once during that time. It’s not that the news is not current or even a problem to be updated during the day. But taking more that a minute to update is too slow.

As for the presentation, I like the carousel of pages,, but the movement of the page is too slow and clunky.  I don’t like the need to rotate my iPad to see some pages. Reading the news should not require movements to get the whole story. At the same time I think having accessible extra information is good. Those methods should be the same throughout the program.

Overall if you want an overview of some news then try The Daily, while it is free. I do not think you should subscribe though.

I think that if you subscribe to something you should be getting extras and lose the ads. You might say “but jerry, the magazines have ads in them and you subscribed to them”. I would respond, “hey the subscription was supposed to pay for the transport of that magazine to me, ahead of the general release to the public stands. The cover price of a magazine goes mostly to pay for the transportation and distribution chain, not the publisher”. They are, or should be, making their income from the ads in the publication.


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