The Digital Revolution (all over again)

On February 29, 2009 you will no longer get analog TV over the air. This is the date set to have the entire country converted to digital over the air broadcast TV. This doesn’t mean HDTV, although some programing will be in HD. It means that the TV information will be digitally encoded rather that an analog signal. The latest change to digital was the music industry. They went from an analog vinyl record, the sound waves are written into the record, to a digitally encoded CD that must be read by a decoder to be heard. For those of us that get our TV via cable or satellite this will not matter, but to those who get their TV over the air it may be a problem. The luck of the Irish is with us though. You will be able to buy a digital tuner to connect to your TV for just a few bucks, and if you can’t afford it there will be a coupon program to help.

So, don’t worry,  follow the links and get ready for the digital revolution, all over again

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