The eyePhone, another point of vIew

Well here we are at iPhone 2.0, a more durable case, 3G data and a GPS. I don’t have one and for the moment I won’t get one. I think there has been a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone and some is due while some is not. I hear via other reviews how innovative the touch screen is. I have seen one and used the screen, it is kind cool but when you bring up the keyboard many owners are less than happy. the small keys, the lack of tactile feedback and the limitations of the predictive entry system have many iPhone 1.x owners turned away, one because he couldn’t type his own last name in a message.

There’s no argument that the iPhone is a unique and innovative piece of art, but as a phone it has limitations that make it ho hum at best. I am not going to go over them as they have already been covered by many other reviewers. My commentary is based more on what I have read and heard from other reviewers that have the iPhone and have used it. I think it may have become more of a status symbol than the best phone out there. We’ll know for sure when they start showing up in schools!

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