The heartbeat in the count

My next Arduino project is a circuit and sketch to count to seven binary with a heartbeat led and adjustable brightness.

I finally got it working. Programs are like large animals, they teach you to pay attention or get smacked. In this case it was to pay attention to the variables you used and the way you spell them.

The basic goal of the program is to call functions at vaiable intervals to get the jobs done. I wanted to break all the big parts into individual functions. I tried to add comments throughout the sketch to make it clear .

After you have it running try changing the interval for counting and the heartbeat. I currently have the heartbeat interval 100 milliseconds longer than the counting interval.

Here is the Project2012-001 note book with the schematic and sketch.

Her is project wired up:


This is the working circuit:

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2 Responses to The heartbeat in the count

  1. Don Southwick says:

    Thanks for sharing your Arduino info, interesting.  I’m wondering if Pinoccio is worth the investment?

    • jcoffey42 says:

      Thanks for reading! If you are already working with one of the microprocessor system it may be an interesting addition. I have not gone far enough along yet.

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